My First Album

This year was my first crack at FAWM (February Album Writing Month) and I had a blast! A few of the songs may go up in the Filk section later, but for now, until FAWM scrubs the site for next year, you can hear my album here:


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Two half-episodes for the price of one

Just caught up on last night’s Supernatural, and I have to say, I wanted to like it a lot more than I actually did. (Spoilers follow, but mostly for this specific episode unless you’re very behind on the show.)

On paper, I was all set to love this episode, because it was pitched as what the people of Lebanon, Kansas think of the Winchesters, and I love the Outsider POV trope. That’s one reason I always liked the Henriksen arc, where the FBI was hunting Sam and Dean–because from the point of view of law enforcement, hunters absolutely would look like serial killers. So sure, let’s see what the good folk of Lebanon think of those weird guys in the classic car who swing through to buy groceries, whiskey, and alarming quantities of ammunition.

The execution let me down, though, and I think the problem is that it was trying to be two episodes at once. “What do the people of Lebanon think of the Winchesters?” and “John is accidentally summoned from 2003 to the show’s present” are both perfectly solid pitches for an episode of Supernatural; I just don’t think they should have been the same episode. Both halves felt underdeveloped. We barely got to know the townspeople at all, or see much of what they thought was up with the Winchesters. And John had barely arrived before it became clear that he had to be packed off back to the past again. Not to mention, pulling John out of the timeline should have had huge ripple effects on all the cosmic-scale events Sam and Dean had a hand in. This was hinted by the appearance of Zachariah and the new timeline’s Castiel, but there just wasn’t time to engage with the full repercussions, which could easily have filled a whole episode.

I like the idea of both the stories this episode was trying to tell. I would happily have watched both of them in full. But getting the bare bones of each one without room to fully develop either was disappointing.

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Birthday and post-Arisia

Happy 30th birthday to me! I spent my birthday weekend at Arisia, so I got to do something fun even if I didn’t really have a party.

If you’re finding this from the link in my Arisia program bio, welcome! In particular, if you’re one of the people I directed here because you requested the lyrics to my song contest entry, here you go.

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Hey, look! Another year!

Happy New Year! My resolution from last year (bullet journaling) worked out great, and I’ve been putting some thought into my resolution for this year.

Creative writing worked out pretty well for me in 2018. I got a play into the Theatre@First summer play festival, I won a songwriting contest and started to feel like a real filker (check out the new filk section on this site!), and I contributed to Cragne Manor. So I wanted to make a resolution that would encourage me to keep growing creatively. I considered reviving my old resolution to spend half an hour a day on creative projects, but that one has been hit or miss in the past. I still think I need to apply more structure to my project time, but I need a structure where I won’t give up entirely once the streak is broken. Still thinking that one over.

In the meantime, my resolution for this year is to stretch myself by doing the projects that scare me. I want to write for the Theatre@First 24-Hour Show. I want to finally make that experimental text game I’ve backburnered for years and enter it in IFComp. I want to try writing a radio script.¬†For practical and logistical reasons, I may not be able to make all the things that I want to, but fear is no longer an acceptable reason to quit.

And, last but not least, the big one. This is going to be the Year of the Novel.

I’ve done NaNoWriMo for fourteen years now, and I have a sense of which ones are total trash and which ones might be something salvageable. Well, it’s time to salvage Novel 2010. I may not keep any of the original text, but after giving it a few years to simmer, I know what I want to do with those characters and the general shape it’s going to mutate into, and I’m so excited to see what happens.

Have a happy and safe New Year, everyone, and I hope you’re as excited to tackle your resolutions as I am for mine.

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Cragne Manor is live!

Very exciting news!

A few months ago, I was part of a project to do an anniversary tribute game to Anchorhead. Every author was assigned a room with some basic information, like exit locations and how your puzzle connected to elsewhere in the game. Otherwise, everyone worked on their room independently.

The game has now finally been assembled and tested, and it is live! If you want to play a giant gloriously chaotic exquisite corpse Lovecraftian horror text adventure… well, you have very specific tastes that we have fortunately catered to exactly. Enjoy!

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