Inheritance commentary, part I: pp. xii-63

xii: “Previously on Eragon…” Look, I know there were three books before this one, but George R. R. Martin gets along fine without recaps, and he never seems to have less than twelve different plots going at once. Then again, by A Dance With Dragons a recap would have added another fifty pages.

1: And we’re off!

10: Funny how everyone is so sure that Galbatorix could defeat them all easily if he really wanted to, but Galbatorix never actually bothers to shift his butt outside the castle and do it. In fact, he still hasn’t appeared in person. At all. Which is a shame, since Eragon is so ridiculously overpowered these days that only Galbatorix and Murtagh are really in his weight class. Also, it would be nice if Galbatorix appeared once or twice to establish how evil he is in person, rather than us taking everyone’s word for it. And to establish how badass he supposedly is before he’s inevitably defeated by the heroes.

13: Aw, man! They killed Roran! You bastards!
He’d better have survived that. Roran was one of the characters I actually liked.
Still in the first chapter, and the signs are already unpromising. Please don’t have killed off one of the two non-Eragon viewpoint characters…

14: New chapter: “Hammerfall”. Uh-oh. Looks grim for Roran.

15: Eragon leaps tall buildings in a single bound!

16: Did he just… punch a guy into the ceiling? Even granted that he has super-strength, I’m having trouble with the physics of this. Also, he’s taking the stairs five at a time. Downwards, but still, today is clearly Eragon’s day to show off his superpowers.

19: Roran lives! And then promptly faints, but hooray, he’s alive.

20: Wait, where did Arya and Blodhgarm spring from? Eragon had to cut through the enemy fortress to get here.

22: Geez, Roran is taking a beating today.

25: I don’t know why “The werecats are coming!” strikes me as funny.

28: Angela is standing there during court knitting a sock. Of course she is.

36: Didn’t Eragon go vegetarian back in book 2? Or am I remembering wrong?

43: Yay, a Roran chapter!

46: Wait, the Varden’s soldiers are hanging back and not fighting? How did they just win a battle?

50: Roran and Katrina are actually kind of cute together.

52: Not sure why Roran needs his hammer to go to a childbirth. Or does he just carry it everywhere now?

53: And a Nasuada chapter!

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