Inheritance commentary, part II: pp. 64-105

64: Funny, this is the second book in a row that I’ve read where the men are sitting awkwardly outside while a woman gives birth.

66: And now they won’t let Arya use magic to help deliver the baby. Didn’t they call Eragon specifically so he could use magic to help if anything went wrong?

69: They’d kill a baby born with a harelip? What is this, Barrayar?

71: Right, because we all know how well it went last time you performed magic on a baby, Eragon.

72: Ah, and Eragon remembers that incident, too.
Wait, what was that? The baby smells like “a forest floor on a warm summer day”? Look, I admit that I’m not entirely sure either what a newborn baby smells like or what a forest floor on a warm summer day smells like, but I’m pretty sure they’re not the same smell.

82: Roran amuses himself while waiting to see Nasuada by mentally planning how he would kill her bodyguards. Well, whatever keeps your mind occupied, Roran.

83: Nasuada seems to be in a mood. Feeling the job stress?

88: “Try not to burn down Aroughs, would you? Cities are rather hard to replace.” At least she’s kept her sense of humor.

94: Arya defeats Eragon at swordplay by exploiting his attraction to her. I think I have to like her for that.

99: Best chapter title so far: “No Honor, No Glory, Only Blisters In Unfortunate Places”.

102: I like this view of someone working magic from the perspective of a character who doesn’t understand what the spellcaster is saying or how it works.

103: Ah, a spell to keep the dogs from smelling them. That’s clever.

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