365 Days of Creativity

I’ve had this blog for a while now, and so far there’s nothing here but the long-abandoned Inheritance readalong. (Gah, I still haven’t finished that book! One of these days…) So I thought I’d use this space to document the fruits of my New Year’s resolution. This year I’ve resolved that I’m going to do something creative every day.

The rules:

1. I must spend at least half an hour per day on a creative activity.

2. “Creative activity” is interpreted broadly. Fiction writing counts, but so do nonfiction writing, interactive fiction writing, programming digital games, sketching, crafts like knitting or beading, and maybe some forms of cooking, like candymaking. Revising old writing counts. Blog entries rambling about pop culture count. I’ll probably add more activities to the list as the year goes on.

3. Group activities are eligible. Attending a game jam would fulfill the requirement. So would taking a class somewhere like Artisan’s Asylum. If I get cast in a play, rehearsals and performances count. If I make it to November, NaNoWriMo write-ins will also qualify.

4. Specifically excluded activities: Preparing regularly scheduled meals does not count. Nothing done as part of a paying job counts.

I’ll try to update this blog with reports of my progress. Let’s see how far through the year I can keep this up…

Day 1: Game Programming

For my first project, I decided to start working on a game idea I’ve had for a while, which I call Catharsis, or sometimes just “the smashing game”. The premise occurred to me one day when I was particularly frustrated with my computer and really felt like punching something. I was also inspired by a Tonka Joe game my brother used to play, which had a minigame called Steamroller Smash that entirely lived up to its name. Basically, the purpose of Catharsis is to allow the user to simulate destroying things until they feel better.

So far it’s pretty basic, but I now have it to the point where you can smash into a giant box and make it explode into lots of little boxes. Kapow!


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