48-Hour Book Challenge: The finish line

It’s a ridiculous hour of the morning, but having stayed up this late to finish my third book, I may as well push on and write up my finish line post. So here it is:

Books read: 3

Review posts:

The Eyre Affair

Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian

The Naked Sun

Time spent: 21.5 hours. About 6 reading hours per book and the rest writing up reviews; I mostly saved checking out other people’s blogs for afterwards.

I had a blast doing this! Due to my last-minute signup, I didn’t get the chance to hunt up books for the “diversity” theme, so I went with what I had lying around. I’m amazed that I got in so many hours when I’ve added them all up, because this is during a weekend when I also found time to stop at the farmers’ market, cruise a few yard sales, and catch Game of Thrones, among other activities. I was sure I was barely going to scrape 12 hours. Nice to have crossed a few titles off my long, long to-read list, anyway.


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3 responses to “48-Hour Book Challenge: The finish line

  1. Glad you exceeded your goal and took three titles off your TBR!

  2. Great job. Hope you’ll dive in again the next time this comes around.

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