On your mark… get set… write!

November is here, and the NaNoWriMo clock is now ticking. I’m hoping that the half-hour-a-day creativity regimen (as well as more advance planning than usual) will serve to keep me more or less on track for the rest of the month.

I may drop a few entries over the next month documenting the creative process and the ups and downs of novel writing. I’ve been planning this novel for a month or so already; as well as the general plot arc, I’m entering November with a beat sheet and some notes on the characters and the world. While I usually have at least a hazy idea of the plot going in, this is a step closer to the “planner” end of the planner/pantser spectrum than usual, so we’ll see if having a plan helps me make it through the month.

I’ve found as I was preparing that there’s a limit to how much I can really do ahead of time. Sure, worldbuilding is a vast and complex process, and I keep thinking of details that I haven’t nailed down yet. But after a certain point, the plot arc is sketched out, the characters are all identified and named, and I really just need to dive in and start writing if I’m going to get anywhere further. So here’s to diving in and getting started, and I wish all my fellow WriMos luck in the month ahead.

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