Post-IFComp commentary

Now that the judging period is over, I’m free to post about IFComp! There were 42 games, and lots of people have been playing and reviewing them; there’s a list of places to find reviews here. So I’m not going to do a comprehensive review of all 41 games that I didn’t make (especially since I haven’t played all of them). Instead, I’m just going to mention some of my favorites:

  • Creatures Such As We: Interestingly meta use of a game-within-a-game to ruminate on principles of game design.
  • Fifteen Minutes: I love logic puzzles and mucking around with different bases, so once I figured out what was going on with this one, I had a lot of fun working out the solutions.
  • Hunger Daemon: The premise of “cafeteria cultists” is comedy gold.
  • Jacqueline, Jungle Queen!: Really just pure silly fun, but I happen to like that.
  • Raik: Neat idea here, especially when I realized that the Scots pages weren’t actually translations of the English pages.

Also, results are in, and holy shit, I got 10th place! Was not expecting to do nearly that well!

Edit: Also, if you don’t want to wade through that whole list of reviews, I have some recommendations for those, too.

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