My year of creativity

Now that the year is drawing to a close, it’s about time to review how my New Year’s resolution came out. And the answer is… pretty good, actually.

My resolution was to spend half an hour a day working on a creative activity, and I’ve kept it up. I’ve sometimes fudged a little about what counts as a creative activity, or done my half-hour after midnight and counted it for the previous day, but I’ve kept in the habit all year, and I’m hoping to keep it up going forward.

In no particular order, some things I’ve counted as my creative activity this year:

  • coding a Unity game
  • a beading workshop
  • game jams
  • some Python coding for small projects (e.g., a cosplay bingo card generator, an attempt at an app to track my TV schedule)
  • knitting a tank top, some dice bags, and a beaded shawl
  • making knotted bracelets woven in change ringing patterns
  • an Inform game that I entered into IFComp, and another one that I’m aiming to enter next year
  • preparing a card game for Boston FIG, painting a sign for my table display, and writing the rules of said card game in sonnet form
  • some blog posts, including the ones for the 48 Hour Book Challenge
  • NaNoWriMo
  • revision of old NaNoWriMo novels
  • brainstorming and/or playtesting associated with various projects
  • practicing on the pennywhistle
  • some impromptu poetry

Some activities have been more successful than others. The Unity game and the knotted bracelets have been mostly abandoned, but I have a tank top and a pretty decent IFComp entry that I might not otherwise have produced, and I found the time to get my card game looking nice before FIG. There have been activities I haven’t gotten to that I’d like to do more of, like jewelry making and playing the harmonica. There are activities I wasn’t sure whether to count or not; I think I was right to exclude any kind of food preparation, but in future it will be easier on my sanity to let play rehearsals count as that day’s creative time.

By and large, I’m calling it a success. Half an hour was a good length of time: short enough to squeeze into my schedule, yet long enough to make some progress on a project. I found time to pursue hobbies I might otherwise let fall by the wayside, but I think the most successful aspect of the endeavor was helping me follow through on long-term personal projects. Here’s to completing some more in 2015.

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