New Year’s resolutions

Happy impending New Year, all!

In 2016, I’m bringing back my 2014 resolution to spend half an hour every day on a creative project. This can be anything from crafts to game design to writing essays about pop culture for this blog. This was a very successful resolution in 2014, but it fell by the wayside this year and I’d like to revive the habit. Possibly this time I’ll even make more of an effort to document my progress here.

I already have some projects in mind, and one of them is my second resolution: I’m going to learn to play all 365 songs in The Daily Ukulele. Not necessarily one song per day, but I aim to be able to play all of them by the end of the year. Transposing into a different key is allowed.

In the spirit of documenting my progress, here’s a current, seasonally appropriate sample of my skills on the ukulele. (This isn’t the version of “Auld Lang Syne” from The Daily Ukulele, which has far too many chords, but check back this time next year…)

I meant to make a third resolution–probably about exercising more–but these two seem like enough to be getting on with. May your own bids for self-improvement be crowned with success, and happy 2016.


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