Seriously, do not mess with Jughead’s burgers. He will have his revenge.

More catching up on comics. Yesterday it was the Archie ‘verse (reboot edition), and I was very excited to see that Jughead #4 casually mentions that Jughead is asexual.

Asexuals get far too little representation in fiction, even compared to how small the proportion of asexuals is in the general population. And I was already really enjoying the new Archie‘s version of Jughead, who is sort of Secret Chessmaster Jughead. On the surface he’s still the slacker who’ll only exert himself when food is involved–but come after something he cares about (like his friends… or, okay, his food) and he will swing into action, and do it in such a way that no one will ever prove it was him.

Also, it seems fitting that the person who mentioned Jughead’s asexuality was Kevin Keller. If you don’t know who that is, his claim to fame is as the first Archie Comics character to be openly gay.

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