A small tribute on Election Day

I posted about this already on Facebook, but I just had to write about it here too, because every time I think about it I tear up a little (in a good way, as opposed to the usual way I feel like crying when I think about this election).

We don’t have complete gender equality in this country, and it’s naive at best to claim otherwise. We’re still a work in progress. But every now and then, it’s worth remembering how far we’ve come, and how much the people who came before us worked and fought and sacrificed to get us to where we are now. The women visiting Susan B. Anthony’s grave are honoring her in the best way possible: by exercising the right that she (and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Lucretia Mott, and Sojourner Truth, and Lucy Stone, and Carrie Chapman Catt, and others) fought so tirelessly for them to have.

So yeah. I voted today. Thanks, Susan. Thanks, all of you.

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