Goggles, gears, and corsets

18451801_4996543955900_519808288295065688_oWatch City Festival was yesterday, and I’m always happy to get dolled up steampunky. One of my favorite things about steampunk cosplay is how loosely defined it is, leaving people free to make what they like of it. Some people sport lovingly detailed period-accurate Victorian dress, or design elaborate sci-fi gadgets, while others just slap on a pair of goggles and call it a day. Because there’s an inherent fantasy element, you can combine whatever fashions you think are pretty or look cool and not worry too much about whether they’re anachronistic, or if a woman at that time would really be allowed to be an airship captain. You can create a character and backstory or just dress up for fun, customized to your preferred level of effort/ investment. I admire people who are willing to put the effort into meticulous costume design, but personally I tend to err on the just-for-fun side. My guideline for choosing a costume is “what do I really want an excuse to wear in public?”

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