Stray thoughts on The Defenders

  • I haven’t yet seen Luke Cage, but I think I need to. I get the impression that under the invulnerable skin is a soft, gooey center.
  • Colleen is right, Danny. You are not a businessman. Also, don’t call a meeting with the bad guys to tell them you’re going to destroy them; skip ahead to the destroying.
  • Alexandra is one of those “ooh, look how cultured I am!” baddies. When she’s not plotting evil, she always seems to be listening to chamber music or eating in swanky restaurants. And her veiled references to her immortality are also showing off about how cultured she is–she ate this dish in Constantinople! She knew Brahms before he was cool!
  • Speaking of that restaurant scene… I definitely had the “Istanbul not Constantinople” song in my head afterwards.
  • Also, more than once someone said “You know nothing” and I mentally filled in “…Jon Snow.”
  • When Matt says to Elektra “There is goodness in you. I know because I’ve felt it,” I don’t think the reaction the writers wanted was “Matt, your ex is Darth Vader.”

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