Hey, look! Another year!

Happy New Year! My resolution from last year (bullet journaling) worked out great, and I’ve been putting some thought into my resolution for this year.

Creative writing worked out pretty well for me in 2018. I got a play into the Theatre@First summer play festival, I won a songwriting contest and started to feel like a real filker (check out the new filk section on this site!), and I contributed to Cragne Manor. So I wanted to make a resolution that would encourage me to keep growing creatively. I considered reviving my old resolution to spend half an hour a day on creative projects, but that one has been hit or miss in the past. I still think I need to apply more structure to my project time, but I need a structure where I won’t give up entirely once the streak is broken. Still thinking that one over.

In the meantime, my resolution for this year is to stretch myself by doing the projects that scare me. I want to write for the Theatre@First 24-Hour Show. I want to finally make that experimental text game I’ve backburnered for years and enter it in IFComp. I want to try writing a radio script. For practical and logistical reasons, I may not be able to make all the things that I want to, but fear is no longer an acceptable reason to quit.

And, last but not least, the big one. This is going to be the Year of the Novel.

I’ve done NaNoWriMo for fourteen years now, and I have a sense of which ones are total trash and which ones might be something salvageable. Well, it’s time to salvage Novel 2010. I may not keep any of the original text, but after giving it a few years to simmer, I know what I want to do with those characters and the general shape it’s going to mutate into, and I’m so excited to see what happens.

Have a happy and safe New Year, everyone, and I hope you’re as excited to tackle your resolutions as I am for mine.

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