Podcast debut!

Remember that podcast I mentioned yesterday? It’s out now! I co-wrote the script with my brother; I play Em, one of the leads, while he has a cameo as the Robot Butler. Probably no one reads this blog who doesn’t also follow me on other social media, but in case I have any unsuspected fans out there, here’s the link:



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2 responses to “Podcast debut!

  1. What’s your other social media? I follow way too many people so usually miss those things more than a new WordPress post anyway…

    • I’m @RobotKitten121 on Twitter, and the podcast is @CrimeAndSpace. The podcast’s Facebook username is also crimeandspace. Most people reading this are probably my IRL friends who are already linked to my personal Facebook. (I generally don’t use my real name on this blog, but it’s not really a secret; it’s pretty easy to find my name from knowing the blog, and vice versa.)

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