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Look, some games!

IFComp has just posted this year’s games! I have an entry in the competition, but I haven’t played any of the others yet, so I’m excited to see what’s been submitted. Go play the games, go rate the games, go and generally experience some delicious interactive fiction.

As an entrant, I can’t post anything more about the games during the judging period, but I’ll be playing as many as I can and posting an entry about them after judging ends on November 15.

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Project update

Though I haven’t been posting, I’m still keeping my resolution to work on something creative every day. Here’s a quick update:

Catharsis is proceeding apace. I’m hoping to playtest it at the next Boston Indies Demo Night.
– In related news, I did the Global Game Jam last weekend! Here’s what I made.
– I got in one or two days of revision on one of my old NaNoWriMo novels, but not much progress there.
– Crafts! I’ve added a few inches to the tank top I’ve been knitting, plus another project I’ll post about in more detail later.

More updates coming soon, plus visual aids if I can manage to locate my scanner cable…


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