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Comics roundup

I may post more about comics in the next few days, since Boston Comic-Con is next weekend and I will continue to have them on the brain. (And Wednesday is New Comic Book Day.) However, to wrap up the weekend, I’m just going to post about the comics I’ve been reading recently.


Currently running comic series that I’m following:

Daredevil: See last post for some of my thoughts.

All-New Hawkeye: This is my consolation for the end of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye (see below).

SHIELD: It’s fun to see the TV characters, like FitzSimmons and Melinda May, folded into the Marvel 616 universe.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour Presents: Beyond Belief: Based on the podcast. There’s a Sparks Nevada comic series too, but Beyond Belief is easily my favorite TAH segment. It’s about this rich, perpetually drunk married couple who are reluctant paranormal investigators.

Rivers of London: Body Work: Tie-in comics for Rivers of London, which I’ve mentioned before. It’s a nice way to get my fix of those characters while waiting for the next book.

Archie: I’m really excited about the recent reboot, even if it’s a little odd to see the old familiar characters in such a different art style. But then, it’s long past time that Archie Comics did something different visually.


Recently ended series that I’ve been reading:

The Unwritten: Ended back in November, but it’s taken me this long to get hold of the trade paperback. And… wow. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but it worked so perfectly with the way the series was about metafiction and the nature of story.

Hawkeye: I’m really going to miss this one. Sure, Clint and Kate are still around in All-New Hawkeye, but I liked the focus on the non-superhero parts of their lives. And there was so much creative visual storytelling, like the issue told from the point of view of the dog.

Secret Avengers: Actually, I’m not sure that this series is over for good, but Volume 3 recently ended, and I strongly preferred it to the previous two volumes. It’s not without its moments of darkness, but it’s generally a lot lighter and more fun than before, which is reflected in the playful bright colors compared to the more muted palette of Volume 2. The best way I can articulate the tonal shift is that before Volume 3, I can’t imagine Deadpool appearing in Secret Avengers. In Volume 3, there’s an extended sequence where he pals around with Hawkeye. And there’s a suicidal sentient bomb, and Borges references, and MODOK, and Black Widow and Spider-Woman being BFFs… basically, I hope the series isn’t over, because I would love more of this.


Something that isn’t a comic but is based on one:

Big Hero 6: Just saw this and loved it! It’s a bit like an animated version of Real Genius, but with superheroes. I love geek heroes saving the day. It’s why I’m so fond of Grant Gustin as the Flash, and why I never really got into the show Intelligence; it was basically the same premise as Chuck or Jake 2.0, but in those shows the protagonist was a nerd. Anyway, Big Hero 6 rocked and I hope they make a sequel.

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Season finale roundup

At the end of the TV season, I thought I’d give my takes on all the season finales I’ve been watching. Appropriately, the theme of these reviews turned out to be “Sorry to See You Go”.

Spoilers below the cut. It’s hard to review a season finale without them. Continue reading

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Mini TV roundup: Do Americans just associate scarves with British men who solve crimes?

Lots of level balancing at work this week, so while I’m playing levels over… and over… and over, I like to have some entertainment on in the background. Luckily there’s a new TV season and I had some shows to catch up on. So, some stray thoughts on Things I Half-Watched While Working Today. Mild spoilers ahead.

Ioan Gruffudd’s character increasingly reminds me of Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes on Elementary. At first I thought it was the physical resemblance, the accent, maybe the stubble. But there’s also the rapid-fire deductions, the insistence that a case is/isn’t a murder in defiance of all appearances, the reference to his difficulty with emotional grieving relatives, his slightly ghoulish delight in autopsies… not to mention that line about how Detective Martinez is attractive because the distance between her eyes is 44% of the width of her face. Oh, and he wears a scarf. I’m starting to think that ABC just wanted a Sherlock Holmes show of its own and invented the immortality plot as a distraction. Elementary at least lets the police be competent, though. For example, they don’t have an analog for the guy on Forever who might as well be called Detective Always Wrong.

You know what else this show reminds me of? Forever Knight. Actually, Henry has it easy in comparison. He gets to be immortal without all the nasty side effects of vampirism. I have more sympathy for Nick Knight wanting to be rid of his condition, is what I’m saying. (Just realized I’d written “he gets to be immoral” by mistake. Well, most vampires are pretty immoral…)

Also noted: It kind of deflates the tension of a suspect having a knife at your protagonist’s throat if he can’t be killed, doesn’t it? As a viewer, I know the guy who’s first in the credits wouldn’t die in episode 2 even if he wasn’t immortal. But usually the character doesn’t know that he’s in absolutely no danger.

I do like the running joke of Henry matter-of-factly ranking the worst ways to die, though.

Person of Interest:
They just ran an episode where the characters were basically doing Mystery Hunt. Well, Mystery Hunt with guns and computer hacking as designed by an evil AI, but still, this makes me happy. And there were lots of funny bits, in between the life-and-death stakes and the big emotional beats; Root and Shaw were in particularly good comedy form this week.

I hope Claire comes back later; I’d like to see her in a direct faceoff with Root, as human proxies for their respective machine overlords. And I’m enjoying how well the big mythology elements are being integrated this season, because while it started as a procedural, this is a show to watch for the long-term plot. Basically, this is one of my favorite things on TV right now and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Agents of SHIELD:

I refuse to call this show Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. We all know you own it, Marvel, you can relax. Please tell me we won’t have to call the spinoff Marvel’s Agent Carter.

I think I like where they’re going with Fitz, having him be less functional but still brilliant.

Raina’s back! And not working for HYDRA anymore. Still a superpowers groupie, though. Should be interesting to see what she gets up to.

I’m not sure what to think about the trailer for next week. If Simmons turning traitor and going over to HYDRA was exactly what it looked like, they probably wouldn’t spill that in the trailer. Something is going to be not what it seems. I can’t wait to see how Fitz reacts to the news, though.

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