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Podcast debut!

Remember that podcast I mentioned yesterday? It’s out now! I co-wrote the script with my brother; I play Em, one of the leads, while he has a cameo as the Robot Butler. Probably no one reads this blog who doesn’t also follow me on other social media, but in case I have any unsuspected fans out there, here’s the link:



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My First Album

This year was my first crack at FAWM (February Album Writing Month) and I had a blast! A few of the songs may go up in the Filk section later, but for now, until FAWM scrubs the site for next year, you can hear my album here: https://fawm.org/fawmers/robotkitten/

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Past IF output

Several of the reviews of Tea Ceremony speculated that it was my first IF game. This is not quite accurate. While it’s true that I have not written a lot of IF before, I have at least one previous parser game to my credit: Lair Repair, which I made at MolyJam 2013. I might even have polished it up for IFComp, except that it was already publicly linked on the MolyJam site and therefore disqualified.

So if anyone somehow wanders over to this blog from IFComp and is curious about my previous output, you can play Lair Repair here. It’s a game jam game, so it’s short and contains at least one massive bug, but I had fun making it.

Wait, I think my first parser game was that one I did for a class project once. But honestly, that one wasn’t good enough for me to bother checking if I still have the code.

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