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It’ll probably be a year or two until I stop writing a 1 in the date.

Happy new decade!

My 2018 New Year’s resolution, bullet journaling, looks to be sticking for the long term. 2019’s resolution was to do creative projects that stretched me. Oddly enough, I managed to keep that one even though I forgot about it after a while. I got a short radio play into PMRP’s Halloween show, Beyond Grimm, and I signed up to write for Theatre@First’s upcoming 24-hour show.

Sadly, I didn’t get far on the novel, but–big news–my brother and I started a podcast! The pilot is right on the cusp of official release, and I’m so excited to get to work on the rest of Season 1. This is partially thanks to me reading The Artist’s Way this year, and I’ve amassed a pile of writing and creativity books since.

So this year, I’m making a simple, concrete resolution to keep it all going: write 500 words every day. It can be anything: my novel, podcast scripts, even blog posts (we’ll see if that results in more posts here…); however, I’m not counting my Julia Cameron-prescribed Morning Pages, another habit that stuck surprisingly well this year.

And finally, as I’ve done a few times before at New Year’s, I’ve recorded myself singing “Auld Lang Syne”. I think I’m starting to hear the improvement in my singing over time. This is also the first time I’ve recorded it on guitar instead of ukulele, which as a side effect means I’m singing in a higher key, so I’m proud of that added degree of difficulty.

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Hey, look! Another year!

Happy New Year! My resolution from last year (bullet journaling) worked out great, and I’ve been putting some thought into my resolution for this year.

Creative writing worked out pretty well for me in 2018. I got a play into the Theatre@First summer play festival, I won a songwriting contest and started to feel like a real filker (check out the new filk section on this site!), and I contributed to Cragne Manor. So I wanted to make a resolution that would encourage me to keep growing creatively. I considered reviving my old resolution to spend half an hour a day on creative projects, but that one has been hit or miss in the past. I still think I need to apply more structure to my project time, but I need a structure where I won’t give up entirely once the streak is broken. Still thinking that one over.

In the meantime, my resolution for this year is to stretch myself by doing the projects that scare me. I want to write for the Theatre@First 24-Hour Show. I want to finally make that experimental text game I’ve backburnered for years and enter it in IFComp. I want to try writing a radio script. For practical and logistical reasons, I may not be able to make all the things that I want to, but fear is no longer an acceptable reason to quit.

And, last but not least, the big one. This is going to be the Year of the Novel.

I’ve done NaNoWriMo for fourteen years now, and I have a sense of which ones are total trash and which ones might be something salvageable. Well, it’s time to salvage Novel 2010. I may not keep any of the original text, but after giving it a few years to simmer, I know what I want to do with those characters and the general shape it’s going to mutate into, and I’m so excited to see what happens.

Have a happy and safe New Year, everyone, and I hope you’re as excited to tackle your resolutions as I am for mine.

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Number one with a bullet (journal)

Happy New Year, if anyone out there still reads this! I’m not going to resolve to blog more this year, because frankly there are so many things I want to improve on that blogging probably doesn’t make the top ten. Instead I’m resolving to take up bullet journaling — the idea being that getting my to-do list more organized will help me improve a lot about my habits at once. Well, we’ll see! I wanted to do it because the idea seems very compatible with the way I already keep lists, and I’m excited looking at all the shiny things people do with bullet journal layouts, so maybe at least a little of the organization will stick.

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We’ll take a cup o’kindness yet…

New year’s resolution time again. Last year, I resolved to spend half an hour a day on creative projects and learn all the songs in The Daily Ukulele. Those sort of… fizzled.

I was doing pretty well on the half-hour a day through about May, and then it petered out in the summer. After I missed a day once, it got harder to motivate myself to keep it up. Unfortunately, once I stopped doing it my side projects lost momentum, which is why I didn’t enter IFComp this year. Maybe next year…

As for the ukulele, I only learned 187 of the 365 songs in the book. But that’s more than halfway, and there are others that I only need a little more practice to master, or that I could probably play now but haven’t tried yet because I’m unfamiliar with the song. I was going to post a sound file of me playing “Auld Lang Syne”, to compare to the one I recorded a year ago, but it doesn’t sound all that different from the old one. If anything, the only difference is that my singing has gotten more confident, which probably owes more to the voice lessons than the ukulele practice. Still, I’m definitely better on the ukulele than I was a year ago.

So what’s in store for 2017? I still want to set aside time for side projects, but half an hour a day proved to be less than ideal: besides the loss of momentum once I missed a day, it made it hard to relax when I had it in the back of my mind all day that I needed to fit that block of time in somewhere. And I want to allow myself the day off for special events like conventions, or visits to family, without that becoming a slippery slope.

Really, what I need to do is budget my time more carefully in general. I think that’s going to be my resolution for 2017. More specifically, I’m going to set aside time once a week–probably Sunday nights, but the timing is flexible–to plan the week ahead. In addition to blocking off time for creative projects, I’ll pre-schedule regular chores like laundry and grocery shopping. Maybe–dare to dream–I might even start figuring in regular exercise. But I’m not going to prescribe what has to be scheduled into each week, because the point of this approach is that it allows flexibility.

We’ll see if this works any better than the half-hour method. In the meantime, buckle up; one way or another, we’re all going to have an… interesting 2017.

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New Year’s resolutions

Happy impending New Year, all!

In 2016, I’m bringing back my 2014 resolution to spend half an hour every day on a creative project. This can be anything from crafts to game design to writing essays about pop culture for this blog. This was a very successful resolution in 2014, but it fell by the wayside this year and I’d like to revive the habit. Possibly this time I’ll even make more of an effort to document my progress here.

I already have some projects in mind, and one of them is my second resolution: I’m going to learn to play all 365 songs in The Daily Ukulele. Not necessarily one song per day, but I aim to be able to play all of them by the end of the year. Transposing into a different key is allowed.

In the spirit of documenting my progress, here’s a current, seasonally appropriate sample of my skills on the ukulele. (This isn’t the version of “Auld Lang Syne” from The Daily Ukulele, which has far too many chords, but check back this time next year…)

I meant to make a third resolution–probably about exercising more–but these two seem like enough to be getting on with. May your own bids for self-improvement be crowned with success, and happy 2016.


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